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EEI's Wholesale Markets Guide is a unique, online resource that explains how five key regional transmission organizations operate. The Wholesale Markets Guide covers the operating procedures, protocols and requirements of:

  • PJMInterconnection
  • New York ISO
  • ISO New England
  • Midwest ISO
  • California

New updates as of October 2008 reflect:

ERCOT - nodal market -- Rules for a new nodal market scheduled to begin operations in 2009

Midwest ISO -- New rules scheduled to become effective late 2008

California - New rules scheduled to become effective in the Spring of 2009

New updates also include changes to market rules as of 2009 for:

ISO-New England
New York ISO
Midwest ISO

Developed by EEI's Alliance of Energy Suppliers, the Wholesale Markets Guide is designed to help market participants, regulators, consultants, the financial community, and others understand exactly how these markets work. Each guide describes:

  • The administration of the markets and how they are monitored;
  • Grid operations and ancillary services required to maintain reliability;
  • Process for expansion;
  • Organizational structure and administrative procedures; and
  • Interaction with customers.

EEI's Wholesale Markets Guide is your:

Vital Research Tool -- Guides provide Web links to all of the information sources for additional research - saving users hours of valuable research time.

Essential Training Guide for Staff -- Bring new staff up-to-speed by using the guides as hands-on primers to wholesale markets

Information areas:

Organizational Structure, Administration, and Customers -- General Information & Characteristics; Corporate Structure; Billing, Settlement & Credit

Markets -- Energy Markets; Ancillary Services; Capacity Market/Resource Adequacy; Market Monitoring

Transmission and Operations -- System Operations; Congesting Management; Regional Transmission Planning & Interconnection; Transmission Tariffs & Pricing

Identifies and provides links to Source Documents:

  • Open Access Transmission Tariffs
  • Transmission Owners Agreements
  • ISO/RTO Agreements
  • Manuals
  • Operating Agreements

All feedback is encouraged to help guide the further development of this product. For more information or to provide feedback, please contact Lola Infante at linfante@eei.org or 202-508-5133


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