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USWAG Advanced PCB Training Workshop

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Publication Date:  December 2008

Item #410803(CD)

Building on previous USWAG PCB compliance workshops, USWAG's Advanced PCB Workshop materials were developed and presented at USWAG's Advanced PCB Workshop held in November 2008.  The Workshop materials are designed to extend beyond basic PCB regulatory compliance assistance to provide a more detailed analysis of the compliance implications for regulated PCB electrical equipment and pipelines with a focus on remediation waste spill response and cleanup.

Included are the workshop materials and related EPA guidance documents from this workshop, tailored specifically to the utility industry, such as:


  • A detailed outline of the PCB spill cleanup regulations, as well as related EPA guidance documents
  • PCB cleanup scenarios/hypotheticals that present compliance questions involving application of the PCB regulations to real world utility spill events, including immediate response requirements (e.g., notification); cleanup and disposal requirements & options; record-keeping requirements
  • A detailed outline of the PCB sampling methods, including oil versus wipe samples, porous and non-porous sampling, soil sampling and multi-phasic waste sampling
  • A comprehensive and easy to understand outline of the PCB DOT & Manifest Requirements addressing issues such asHazardous Materials Classification/RQ Determination, Shipping Container Requirements/Packaging Options, Placarding, DOT Shipping Papers/PCB Manifest Issues and Carrier/Driver IssuesAn overview of the PCB regulations applicable to the sale of PCB Contaminated Properties and Equipment and associated workshop questions involving the legal and practical issues associated with selling and purchasing such properties and equipment  An overview of the PCB regulations applicable to natural gas pipelines, including use authorization and disposal and abandonment requirements, as well as utility-specific hypotheticals that apply these rules to real-world situations.  


Funded by the Utility Solid Waste Activities Group, a separately-funded activity