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Suggested Practices for Avian Protection on Power Lines: The State of the Art in 2006

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Formats:   Available as a print publication with a CD-ROM (1996 print edition is also available in Spanish)

Publication Date: 2006, Spanish edition, 1996

Item #400601 (print)
Item #400301 (1996 edition in Spanish)

Produced as a cooperative effort of the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee, the Edison Electric Institute, and the California Energy Commission, this book provides a profile of the research and safeguards now available to remedy the issue of raptor electrocutions. This new edition is a significant update of the 1996 publication.

Concerted joint efforts by industry, government, and conservation groups have led to an ever-increasing positive management of the issue. This fourth edition of the guide focuses on opportunities in the US and throughout the world for avoidance or mitigation of electrocution problems, highlighting management options.

Funded by the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee, an EEI separately funded activity, and the California Energy Commission.