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Statistical Yearbook of the Electric Power Industry 2010 Data

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Publication Date:  December 2011

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The premier reference source for 2010 electric power industry operations statistics.

Data contained in the tables will cover all areas of the electric power industry, including cooperatively-owned, government-owned, shareholder-owned electric companies, and non-utility generators. Includes full-year 2010 data, partial year 2011 data, as well as historic and forecast data on a national, regional, and state level in easy-to-read tables and charts for: 

  • Forecast data through 2035
  • Installed Capacity;
  • Capability and Peak Load ;
  • Electric Power Supply;
  • Fuel Used for Electric Generation;
  • Average Delivered Cost of Fossil Fuels;
  • Retail Sales, Revenues and Customers;
  • Average Usage, and Average Revenues per Customer;
  • Average Power Plant Operating Expenses by Plant Type;
  • Operation and Maintenance Costs by Account Type;
  • Taxes;
  • Circuit Miles of Electric Transmission Line;
  • And much more

Data contained in the Statistical Yearbook is collected from a variety of private and public sources.