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Profiles and Rankings of Shareholder-Owned Electric Companies - 2010

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Publication Date:  December 2010

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EEI's Profiles and Rankings of Shareholder-Owned Electric Companies is your resource for holding and operating company-level information and key comparative industry data on most shareholder-owned electric companies. 

Useful for utilities, governmental agencies, state utility commissions, energy consultants, and financial institutions, this publication offers company-specific information on:

  • holding companies, including descriptions of each company's business activities, listings of regulated and non-core subsidiaries, maps showing electric service territory for each holding company as well as the latest available key financial operating statistics;
  • stock ticker symbols and applicable stock exchanges
  • operating companies, including addresses and states they serve as well as pertinent data on customers, sales, and revenues; 
  • companies with multiple owners;
  • shareholder-affiliated retail electric providers in states with fully or partially deregulated markets;
  • detailed listing of mergers and acquisitions that have occurred since 1988;
  • alphabetical and chronological listings of shareholder-owned electric companies no longer in existence and company names no longer in effect. 
  • company affiliations with Independent System Operators (ISO), Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO), and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) regional councils.

Company rankings included are based on:

  • holding-company:  total assets, operating revenues, market value, generating capacity, net generation, retail customers, retail electric sales, total employees, and electric service territory;
  • operating company:  retail customers, electric sales, and revenues broken out by class of service (i.e. residential, commercial, and industrial); and,
  • service territory size for most operating companies.

A great resource for up to date information on companies that have merged, changed names, or are no longer in existence, as well as for finding out which companies offer additional services (i.e. electric generation, transmission & distribution, gas distribution, telecommunications, and water).

Individual data tables from Profiles and Rankings are available.