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Mitigating Bird Collisions with Power Lines

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Formats:  Available as either a print publication or an 18 minute VHS video

Publication Date: Print publication, 1994; Video, 1998
Item #069433 (print) 
Item #609801 (video)


This publication offers a comprehensive portrait of the progress in documenting and addressing the issue of bird collisions with power lines. As the issue of bird collisions with electric power lines gains importance and the public concern for the environment increases, this report is the perfect reference for biologists, utility planners, engineers, and regulators.

The report summarizes and documents the most current domestic and international data available on this issue. Focusing on both study techniques and management options for mitigating bird mortality situations, this publication emphasizes the need for attention to this issue before, during, and after line construction.


A companion to the publication of the same name, this video focuses on bird/power line interactions and the development of management options for mitigating bird mortality situations. Provides a visual summary of work being done and the latest ways to prevent these interactions.  

Both the print publication and the video were produced by the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC), a group consisting of utility companies, the Edison Electric Institute, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.